"Smoofy makes me feel safe while doing my job"
Create peace of mind with Smoofy.
Unattended Temperature Scan done right.
About Smoofy
Smoofy is our response to the one question your employees and co-workers have:

"Am I safe at work?"

The Smoofy device and platform answers this question for you and your employees, creating peace of mind at all times.

Because the feeling of safety for your people is our top priority.


the ai platform behind calculates the temperature in real-TIME.
Why the Smoofy platform?
The Smoofy cloud cares about your privacy
Data processed in EU
The Smoofy team has gone great lengths to take care of security and privacy issues. All servers are located in EU and data is processed in line with GDPR guidelines.

As a manager, you can decide who has access to scan data and we built in automated reporting for finding out about anomalies.
Manage escalations
What should happen if someone turns out to have an increased temperature? The Smoofy platform gives you a range of possibilities to send notifications, and show clear indications to the scanned person what will be the next step.
Full reporting
The Smoofy platform provides you a daily report on what is happening in your different facilities. Whether you own 1 device, or 100 or even 1000 devices. Reporting can be done per facility, per region or per device.
How to start with Smoofy?
Order your device(s)
Order one or
more devices for your business.
We create an account for you on the Smoofy platform
The Smoofy platform will do AI scanning, provide you KPIs, escalation procedurs, dasboards and full reporting.
Unpack, plug and play
Upon receiving your Smoofy, start the App, enter your Smoofy ID and that's it. No heavy setup or technical knowledge required.
Smoofy is much more than a device
How we compare to other solutions
People first
Our company puts highest standards on wellbeing of our employees, but also the employees of our customers.
Our team can support your business both for questions on installation, as questions on usage or legal aspects.
Privacy and security
You don't want legal issues. That's why we built a solution that takes care of data and privacy matters, fully processed in EU.
We care
Smoofy is not just a product, it is a solution that combines the best of technology with the one thing people care about: their health.
Frequently Asked Questions
I am interested but I need a large quantity of devices?
Contact us via the order form. We can provide you with a quote for a large number of devices. We can also show you a personal video tour we did in our facilities so you get an idea how much and how fast we can produce. Hint: FAST.
To which countries do you ship?
We have 14 years of experience in shipping worldwide, from Asia to Europe, US, Middle East and South America. Basically we can ship anywhere.
What do you do with my data? You are scanning my face!
We do not store any PII (Personal Identifiable Information). For the sake of processing your face by the AI algorithm we temporarily store your face in memory, then it is immediately deleted from our servers.
I want a Smoofy!
Fill in the order form and we contact you