Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost? Pricing?
There is the purchase cost of the device (warranty 1 year) and there is the license cost for running the scans on our platform. We have a degressive pricing table, so we can provide discounts based on volume. Contact us for pricing.
I am interested but I need a large quantity of devices. Can you handle?
Contact us via the form. We can provide you with a quote on large number of scan devices (up to 1000 and more). We can also show you a personal video tour we did in our facilities so you get an idea how much and how fast we can produce. Hint: FAST.
To which countries do you ship?
We have 14 years of experience in shipping worldwide, from Asia to Europe, US, Middle East and South America. Basically we can ship anywhere.
What do you do with my data? You are scanning my face!
We do not store any PII (Personal Identifiable Information). For the sake of processing your face by the AI algorithm we temporarily store your face in memory, then it is immediately deleted from our servers.
Is there a minimum quantity to order?
If you are based in Europe there is not a minimum quantity to order. However, if you are based in US, South America or Middle East there is.
I think it is ├╝bercool! I want to become a reseller!
Contact us for any reseller / partnership inquiries.
How fast can you deliver?
Depending on your location and the production schedule, it can range from 1 week to 4 weeks.
I am not a business but a private person. Can you still deliver?
Sorry, we only send to business customers who have provided us full legal entity details, that signed a Purchase Order and handled the prepayment requirements.
I am still unsure. Can I see the device?
Schedule a demo with our team and we show you the temperature scan product alive and kicking. Go to the demo request page
I want a Smoofy!
Fill in the contact form and we contact you