Technical information
RS232 Serial interface
The RS232 interface is wide-spread in countless industrial and access control appliances. It has a long history in devices such as computers, printers, POS terminals, etc.

Using the serial RS232 interface, the Smoofy device can send a signal to an access door to open itself. This is just one example of its use cases that it can support.
Ethernet, WIFI
The network module and RJ45 ethernet port in the Smoofy device allow LAN connectivity via cable, or simply via the configuration of the WiFi settings.

The device needs internet connectivity in order to connect to the Smoofy platform and operate correctly.
USB port
The USB port (USBHOST*1 standard) allows to connect an extra controller like a mouse device to configure the screen. The Smoofy device supports haptic touch however for those not willing to touch the device a mouse can be connected.